Introducing our reinvented Audio Guest Books

Available October 15

Over the past few months, we have been very busy planning, building, and testing a completely revamped set of phones. Now, we're proud to finally share with you our new Version 2 offering of audio guest books, including three exciting new models!

These phones are a leap ahead of the previous version and incorporate the most-requested features from customers. These new phones still offer a recording mode with pre-recorded greetings, but now add in a switchable playback mode, greeting-record mode (allowing you to record a new greeting right on the phone), different LED status light options, removable SD card, and removable internal battery pack with on-board USB-C charging capability.

Additionally, included with the phone is a custom-built software program that allows you to select from international ringtones and different pre-recorded greetings, auto-convert and load custom greetings, set a maximum recording time, combine messages into a single audio file, and create waveform videos in both horizontal and vertical formats.

Not only that, we also give you a tabletop sign and digital content, including sign templates, a draft rental contract, and social media templates. All of this comes with no monthly fees, no subscription, and at a lower cost than our previous model. Ground shipping will now be free, with available upgrades to Priority or Express shipping.

Already own an After the Beep phone? We haven't forgotten about you either! We're offering a highly-discounted option to convert your current phones.

Ok, that was a lot of text, right? We'll be out on vacation from September 15, but beginning October 15, you can check out the phones and we will automatically apply a 10% discount, valid until November 30!

Simple Control Layout

Our phones now have a set of switches allowing you to control how the phone works, including a playback mode, recording a greeting on the phone, and choosing from three LED lighting functions.

Pair this with the included software and you have a fully-inclusive audio guest book.

Everything you need is included

With every phone comes a battery, battery charger, USB-C cable, power plug, SD card and adapter, full of digital content.

All of this comes with no monthly fees, no subscription, and at a lower cost than our previous model.

Unmatched Features

Every v2 audio guest book comes with our custom-built software!

Greetings and Ringtones

Choose from several ringtones and pre-recorded greetings with choices in accent and gender, in English or Spanish with more to come!

Set Recording Limit

Don't worry about a guest forgetting to hang up the phone. Now you can easily set a recording time limit to automatically stop recording.

Combine Messages

After your event, our software easily compiles your messages into a single audio file, making listening and delivering memories even easier.

Create Videos

Create cool videos automatically featuring a background image of your choice, overlayed with visual audio effects.

Three New Models

The "Tower"

A tall and beautiful silvery-gold color body adorned with roses and matching-color rotary dial truly makes this phone stand out at any event.

The "Private Eye"

A unique mix of vintage and retro charm with the feel of late night noir movies. This phone features a slightly matte black, textured finish and gold dial.

The "Duchess"

A beautiful golden-brass phone worthy of its royal title. This compact phone with body made of metal is sure to impress.

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