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Black Vintage-Style Audio Guest Book Rotary Telephone - Style 6

$750.00 Sold out

One of our special vintage-style units, and one of our favorites. A fully-built, turn-key audio guest book using a new rotary phone that has been stripped out, rebuilt, and programmed for you.

Why Buy From Us?

- I'm a US-based seller who has been working successfully offering photo booth and audio guest book services for years

- I build out these phones myself and extensively test them to make sure everything works

- Everything you need is included: USB cable, Wall Plug Power Adapter, Power Bank, and SanDisk SD Card

- The phones can be reused for as long as you'd like! Use it again for any event you'd like to capture special memories for

- They are built for the best-quality audio, recording CD-quality messages

- There's no need for audio conversion. Other phones record to formats that need conversion, but mine records directly to high-quality WAV files

- My phones come loaded with a pre-recorded greeting by a professional voice artist

- Comes with a portable power bank

Instructions for Use

My phones come ready-to-use out of the box. Simply plug it in to a power source and it's ready. Once the event has finished, you simply plug the phone into your computer, open the drive that appears, and save the individual audio files to your computer. No file conversions needed.

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